Let's talk safety.

First Aid Services Vs. Buying

By Stefania Nowak | July 15, 2024

First Aid Services Vs. Buying But First, Convert to a First Aid Service with Lechner! Are Your OSHA Rules in Motion with the Truth? OSHA directly highlights on their website in section 1915.87(d)(2), “The employer shall ensure that the placement, content, and amount of first aid supplies are adequate for the size and location of … Read more

STOP! Do you know how to control bleeding in the workplace?

By Anllely Rubio | May 2, 2024

STOP! DO YOU KNOW HOW TO CONTROL BLEEDING IN THE WORKPLACE? “Uncontrolled blood loss is a primary source of preventable death after injury.” – Journal of Workplace Health and Safety. Ultimately, the word PREVENTABLE is why we do what we do at Lechner. That key word drives our mission to promote safety within our local … Read more

Is Your Workplace Prepared for a Heart Emergency?

By Anllely Rubio | February 13, 2024

Is Your Workplace Prepared for a Heart Emergency? 10,000 people will suffer from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the workplace in 2024 (in the United States alone). Less than 1,000 will survive. These are the unfortunate statistics we found after researching the American Heart Association. Because most victims have no previous history of a heart … Read more